Happy New Year from Mumbai, 2015 Annual Report and More!

Jan 20, 2016 | Organization, Students

Happy new year from Mumbai, India! Aarti and her girls and their moms had a wonderful celebration and she sent us photos and greetings, along with wishes for the most wonderful of new years to everyone at ONE. We thought we should pass them along to you, since there is nothing that looks more festive than these girls and their beautiful smiles!

AartiandGirls Prayers at Sakhi for Girl’s Education (click to enlarge)

Girls_New Year Celebration - 2016 (4) Mom’s and their Daughters and the New Year Celebration (click to enlarge)

Happy New Year! (click to enlarge)

Happy New Year! (click to enlarge)

2015 was a busy and exciting year. We have posted our annual report here and on the annual report page for those who would like to see it. It’s fun to look back on FIVE annual reports now! We turn five years old in March; the time has gone by so fast! We are proud that 85% of our budget this year went directly to our girls. Even if you consider the other 15%, that was used in furtherance of our mission, with brochures and website maintenance, phone charges and wiring fees being the main expenditures. Everyone who is involved in this organization, from the board to our contacts to the people who help with fundraising efforts, are volunteering their time and their energy, which is really gratifying!

[flat_button text=”2015 Annual Report” title=”015 Annual Report” url=”https://oneneweducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2015-Annual-Report.pdf” padding=”15px 70px” bg_color=”#99cc33″ border_color=”#99cc33″ border_width=”2px” text_color=”#fafafa” text_size=”18px” align=”center” target=”_blank”]

We are posting new photos and letters all the time. Please check out our pages for Naume, Rebecca, Bharosha, and Roshani to see some new photos!
Christa has departed to Honduras and Nicaragua to visit our girls there. All of them did so well in their final exams and final grades, and they wrote great letters to us. We will post all of those when Christa comes home, along with loads of new photos, videos and more news!