All Es and 100s!

Feb 10, 2013 | Students

We just received Camila’s grade report for the January exam period. Wow! All we can say is: Felicidades, Camila!








We also have our new girl from India. You may remember that Mamta was no longer able to keep studying with Aarti, which made us very sad. But Aarti knows the situation there, and told us that continuing to try and study with Mamta would have negative repercussions for Mamta’s physical and emotional health, because of the attitude of Mamta’s parents. Aarti is now working with Guddi, who left school after 6th grade to do domestic work around her house. Guddi wants to study and finish her schooling. Because of her age, she can take the exams to enter the equivalent of 10th grade, so Aarti is working on her literacy and number skills to help her prepare. Welcome to the ONE family, Guddi! Keep checking back; we will have her page up soon, when we have some photos of her to share.