And Bhumi Makes 23!

May 12, 2014 | Students

Bhumi Bhumika Humagain (click to enlarge

We are happy to welcome Bhumika Humagain to the ONE family! Bhumika (Bhumi) is 9 years old and in the third grade at the same school where Bharosha and Roshani study in Dhulikhel, Nepal. Bhumi comes from the village of Kavre, several kilometers to the east of Dhulikhel. Her father is a farmer, and has a hard time earning enough money to send the children to school. His income from farming is only seasonal and barely pays for annual clothing needs and food. School tuition and fees are very challenging. Bhumi’s parents were able to pay for her first year at the school in Dhulikhel, but last year they were unable to cover all the costs. Bhumi is an excellent student—top in her class—and our contact Subash asked the school if they would be willing to cover the costs of her room and board, since she has to live at school while she studies. The school agreed, since she is such a good student. For her third year of school, ONE is happy to be able to provide all her needs, so her family doesn’t have to worry. At the end of last year, Bhumi had an 87% average – very impressive! In his application to us, Subash says she is a “deserving girl and a talented student,” so we are very happy to be able to welcome her to the ONE family, and we hope she continues to shine!