April News

Apr 23, 2018 | Students

Our most recent news involves our girls in several countries.

          • Achecaina and Bencille in Haiti are doing well, and their grades have improved since the middle of the year, especially Bencille’s. So we are very proud of them!
          • Our friend Shannon just returned from time in Tanzania, where she was able to see almost all the girls. They are doing really well, and Husna is simply a firecracker! There is no stopping that girl; she’s first in her class and simply astonishing everyone! When we think about how hard it was for Husna and the girls, and how well they are doing now, it is just wonderful.

            Jeni Anselm in April (click to enlarge)

            Jeni Joseph in April (click to enlarge)

          • Shannon and Greg are working on trying to open a high school just over the border in Kenya, where it will be easier to work with the government and they can make sure the school is as good as possible. If that happens, all the girls except Husna will likely move there. We’ll keep you posted about this very exciting development.
          • One piece of sad news is that Angela is no longer with the program. She has decided that she wants to return to the United States (she is a citizen), and live with her aunt and be able to attend school here. We (and her mother) are very sad, but we also know that opportunities are much greater here, and Mexico’s economic situation is pretty terrible for people who can’t find good work. Every day is a struggle there, and she will certainly have much more potential if she comes back to the U.S. We wish her the best of luck in her studies.


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  1. Angela is a success! She wants to continue education. Yay!