And Apurva Makes 30!

May 30, 2017 | Students

Apurva Raut (click to enlarge)

We recently welcomed our 30th scholarship recipient to the ONE family! Apurva Raut lives in Mumbai, India. She is heading into 8th Standard, and is a very impressive student, with parents dedicated to helping her succeed.

Apurva attends an English medium school, so her letter to us is in English. It’s a wonderful letter, and we are delighted to be able to help her and her family. Please visit her page for more information about her.

Welcome, Apurva!

Apurva’s application letter to the foundation (click to enlarge)

Apurva’s very impressive grades from last year. In case it isn’t already obvious, A-1 is the highest mark one can get. She finished first in her class! (click to enlarge)

Apurva reading at home with her mother (click to enlarge)