Apurva Raut

Date of Birth: November 16, 2004

Year in School: 12th Standard

Cost per Year: $1,300

Location: Mumbai, India


Aarti Naik suggested Apurva to us, based on her impressive performance in school, and the dedication shown by her parents in supporting her education. We will let Aarti’s words introduce Apurva.

Apurva’s parent belongs to a tribal region of Maharashtra state. Her native place is very small and there is only 1st to 4th standard school available. So they migrated to city area, the major purpose was to provide quality education to Apurva and her elder brother.

Apurva’s mother could not complete her education, she is housewife, but she has aspiration that her daughter should complete good quality education. Apurva’s father faced many challenges in his life, when he was in 8th standard his father was died and all responsibilities came on the shoulder of Apurva’s father. In village area there was not school up to 10th standard, so it was so challenging to continue his education and unfortunately he had to stop his further education.

When he came to city, some well-wishers suggested him to continue his further education. Somehow he managed to complete his education. Apurva’s father works in social sector. But he feels sad that he was unable to support the education of Apurva’s mother.

Therefore, Apurva’s mother and father strongly feel that their daughter should not face the same situations as they had faced in their life.

Why SAKHI gives first priority to the education of Apurva?

Recently I have got Apurva’s result; she has passed in 7th standard with first rank in school. Her class teacher is so passionate to support Apurva. She requested me to provide educational support to Apurva.

Apurva participated in many competitions and she has got certificates for her good performance. She is very sincere and committed for her school study. Every year her educational expenditure is getting high and her parents are struggling to meet the financial needs of Apurva’s education.

If Apurva complete these three years of her school education, then it will biggest achievement of her parent’s life.

We are excited to welcome Apurva into the ONE family, and to see where she goes in her life!

2021 – 2022

October, 2021

Apurva is back in school in person, studying in 12th Standard! Our contact Aarti wrote us some very encouraging and inspiring things about Apurva and her progress.

Apurva is confidently continuing her study for her 12th grade. She is continuously taking hard efforts for preparations to get the best score in every subject. Recently Apurva has received 1st Prize in Physics and Chemistry subjects for best performance at her coaching class. If Apurva gets good marks in 12th grade, she will have bright career choices as per her expectation to get medical degree course to become doctor. I firmly believe that with the support of you and support from the respected members of One New Education USA, Apurva will able to complete her 12th grade and she will start her inspiring journey towards completing further higher education to become a doctor. 

Apurva’s letter to us is very impressive. She is clearly a young woman who knows what her dreams are and what she needs to do to achieve them. We couldn’t be prouder or more impressed by her!


2020 – 2021

October, 2020

Apurva passed her 10th standard exams with flying colors! At the end of July she learned that she received a 93.6% result, which is so very impressive. We just couldn’t be prouder, and she is obviously quite proud of herself as well. Now she has entered 11th standard, which is further than most girls (and many boys) go in school. It is also very hard, since it is a bit like a combination of high school and college here. She wrote us a letter to describe her new classes and what it has been like studying online, and we have attached it here for you. It’s a wonderful letter and we are so excited for her in her new classes!

2019 – 2020

February, 2020

Apurva will take her 10th Standard exam in March. She has been studying hard, and we wish her all the best. We know she will succeed in this exam and will continue on to 11th and 12th Standard. But we know she must be stressed and working hard so we send her all our best wishes and love. Good luck, Apurva!

October, 2019

Apurva has entered 10th Standard, and is studying hard. She needs to prepare for her state exam at the end of the year, which determines if she can move on, and where she will do so.

2018 – 2019

​August, 2019

Apurva finished her year with wonderful grades, and successfully passed her exam to get into 10th Standard. We hope she’ll do very well and graduate next year so she can continue on to whatever she’d like to do later. She’s a very serious student, and very passionate about her classes.

Apurva’s year-end letter to us is wonderful to read. It is clear she is a very good student, and thinks carefully about her studies. It’s exciting that she wants to enter the medical field; her grades are certainly high enough to do that. We’re sorry that her geometry teacher was such a hard teacher, and it doesn’t sound like she was very effective at teaching geometry. Hopefully, her 10th Standard math teacher is better! We also love the legend she tells of the cosmic serpent.

2017 – 2018

August, 2018

Apurva is doing so well in school! She is getting wonderful grades and is a very serious and dedicated student. She received a pretty high percentage in her Pre-Secondary Scholarship examination and will be working very hard the next two years. She hopes to do very well on her state exit exam after 10th Standard so she can move on to the next phase of her schooling.

January, 2018

Apurva finished her first semester with flying colors. Her grade report is all A-1s and A-2s, the highest scores you can get. We love her letter to us, which we have attached here. Apurva is very clearly a serious student with a big heart and much compassion, and we think that even without those superpowers, she’ll make a huge difference in the world.