Chairs for Change and News from Mireya

Mar 10, 2014 | Organization, Students

March 8th’s Chairs for Change event at the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff was wonderful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beautiful pieces of art in one place, and all created by extraordinary people for GIRLS’ EDUCATION! There must have been 250 people in attendance, and all the chairs sold! Everyone loved the film Girl Rising (which is incredibly powerful and moving if you haven’t seen it). We will post some pictures when we get them, but for now we want to thank Janeece Henes, art teacher extraordinaire from FALA and her National Honor Art students, for putting this whole thing together. Much gratitude and respect to the students from FALA (past and present) who helped stage the whole thing (including a very cool flash mob dance at the end of the bidding war!). They organized, prepared, took money, served food, greeted and seated us for the whole evening, and they did a remarkable job. Many many thanks to the CCA for hosting this event in their perfect venue, and to everyone who attended. And a million and one thanks to all the artists who poured out their passion on some truly wonderful Chairs (and other furniture) for Change! All of us were completely floored by the creativity, humor, style and execution of every chair. We are so grateful to our community for helping raise money and awareness about the importance of educating girls.

And from Peru, speaking of girls and their education, we received Mireya’s final report card from fifth grade and it’s a doozy! She received “logro destacado” (distinguished achievement) and all categories, and very easily passed on to 6th grade. One more year to go and she’s in high school! We also received a lovely letter from her, which translated as follows:

Hello Miss Christa, what a pleasure to greet you through my letter to tell you that here in Lamas the weather is fabulous and beautiful, but I am happier because I went into vacation passing all of my classes and at the same time starting my summer class (mathematical reasoning) on January 3.
1) The classes that I like are:
—Complete communication
—Science and environment and mathematics.
My teacher’s name is:
Nixon Gonzales Perez.
And what I learn the most are equations. And I would like to tell you a lot more things one day when you come to Lamas.
2) I am very happy because thanks to this scholarship I am going to be able to finish my studies without any setbacks here and in the future abroad. I am grateful to God for having permitted me to know such a good person with such a good heart as my friend John who, thanks to his actions has managed to include me in this scholarship, for which my parents are very grateful since in the future I will be a very good professional.
3) And what I think in my heart is that I feel very happy because I needed this help, the truth is that I never thought I would meet a friend like John who changed my life since he has promised me when I finish secondary school I will go to study in the United States or wherever I want, that will depend on me.

See you soon, Miss Christa. Thank you for everything. God bless you. Bye.

We’re glad you met John, too, Mireya. Without that we never would have met YOU!