FALA Benefit for ONE!

Feb 9, 2014 | Organization

Well, all we can say is: Wow! The Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy’s February 8 benefit to raise funds for ONE and Naume in Uganda was INCREDIBLE! Music, dance, poetry, singing and a rockin’ student band… It was so much fun and these wonderful students raised almost $700! A huge THANK YOU to the National Honor Society students who organized it, to the Advanced Performing Arts students who performed, and to all the artists who donated artwork to sell. We are so grateful, and so excited that you are in our community and in the world. Such talent and passion was a delight to see! A couple of those dance numbers made us cry, they were so beautiful. Thanks to all the people who came out to support FALA and ONE, and especially to all the parents in the audience who nurture and support the arts and their children’s creative spirits. Thanks to Firecreek Coffee Company in Flagstaff, for letting us take over their space and running the sound. AND A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO KATE COLLETTE, the extraordinary 15 year old who spearheaded and MC’d the whole thing. Very impressive!

FillingUp Seats beginning to fill (click to enlarge)

ArtForSale Student art for sale in a silent auction (click to enlarge)

Practice Pre-show dance practice (click to enlarge)

MC Kate MC Kate, doing an amazing job (click to enlarge)

Song Songs (click to enlarge)

Sax Saxophone (click to enlarge)

Guitar Original guitar compositions (click to enlarge)

NoParking2 No Parking, incredible student band (click to enlarge)

NoParking Rapt crowd (click to enlarge)

Jamming Jamming (click to enlarge)

CoolLicks Some very cool licks (click to enlarge)

CoolBass Cool bass player (click to enlarge)

Dance6 Beautiful dance numbers (click to enlarge)

Dance5 Original choreography (click to enlarge)

Dance4 Getting some air (click to enlarge)

Dance3 So graceful (click to enlarge)

Dance1 Dancing to Buddy Holly (click to enlarge)

Dance2 In tandem (click to enlarge)