Grades and Graduation

Jun 10, 2013 | Students

Happy summer, everyone!

Some of our girls have received their grades recently. Wini, Jeni A. and Jeni J. in Tanzania are all doing very well. According to our contact incountry:  “I just got the midterm results back on your three girls so I wanted to share them with you.  Winnie and Jeni Joseph have both improved and are now in the top half of their classes.  Jeni Anselimu did very well and ended up placing 18th in her class of 104.  I still anticipate that she is going to be in the top ten by next year as she grows increasingly comfortable with the English medium format.” We’re so happy for them, and hope they continue to improve and, even more important, enjoy school!

Camila in Honduras has graduated from first grade, doing very very well. We received some pictures from her graduation ceremony, which you can see on her page. Pretty cute! Afterwards, they went to Kentucky Fried Chicken for a party with the school group. Congratulations, Cami! We hope you enjoy your summer vacation, and have as much fun and success in second grade as you did in first. We received money for half of her education from Cami’s Benefactors, so we paid her school fees for next year, and she’s all set to go. She’s very happy to be able to stay in Living Water Academy, so we are hoping that we can support her all the way through to University!