Grades and Letters and News, Oh My!

Nov 13, 2013 | Students

Some of the most recent grade reports are out from our girls in Central America. Sua, Alondra, Fatima and Karina are doing really well in their classes, and we are very proud of them! As usual, Camila in Honduras is amazing; she is second in her entire second grade class at Living Water Academy—by only .01%!

101_4524 copy Camila’s standing in Second Grade as of October 2013 (click to enlarge)

101_4522 copy Proud student! (click to enlarge)








We have also heard that Klaudina is doing really well in her classes; she’s almost finished with her English classes at IHCI, and we are looking into helping her continue with conversational English classes every month. If they get enough students to hold the classes, and the prices aren’t too high, we’d like to continue with that. We all know from experience that if we don’t practice a language, we’ll lose it, no matter how well we do in school. She’s doing so well that it would be a shame to have her forget half of what she’s learned.

We received two letters from Nicaragua. Karina is getting very excited about her upcoming 15th birthday party. In case you don’t know, the Quinceaneros is something like a small wedding, it’s so important in a young girl’s life. Officially, Karina turned 15 in October, but they are having the party in December, and Christa will be attending, so stay tuned for lots of pictures and news from that! Karina also told us that she is the proud big sister of brand-new Daniela Vanesa, which is very exciting for her and her whole family. Congratulations to everyone!

Fatima’s letter was very sweet. Translated, it reads: “Hello, my family thanks to God is well and happy because I am doing well in class. My favorite class is math. We are learning three-digit division. On May 30, we celebrated Mother’s Day. A few weeks later we celebrated Children’s Day, which was very fun. We played a lot. I want to thank you for this scholarship which has allowed me to study. My mother is very happy that you gave me this scholarship because without it it would be very difficult to give me everything I need, because there are several of us and we hardly have enough for everyone. I feel very proud to have written you this letter. I say goodbye with many hugs and thanks.” Signed: Fatima Raquel Ramirez Torrez. Well, we are very proud to receive your letter, Fatima, and equally proud of your work in school! Christa will be visiting all the girls in Nicaragua and Honduras in December, so she’ll bring back lots of photos and news from all of them.


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  1. This is all wonderful and happily, the usual news from One new Education. Keep up the good work girls and have lots of fun too!