End of the Year Grades

Dec 17, 2012 | Students

We’ve received the end of the year grade reports for several of our students, and we’re very happy to say that they are doing really well! You can check out their different pages for their reports and some new letters from the girls in Tanzania and Uganda, but here is the short of it:

  • Naume is now 3rd out of 28 students in her class.
  • Rebecca has been put at the top of her class.
  • Jeni A is ranked 31 out of 104 students, with a high B average.
  • Wini and Jeni J are ranked 43 and 44, respectively, out of 104 students, both with solid B averages.

We know that grades aren’t everything, but it also seems that the better they do and the more successful they are, the more they will enjoy school and want to stay in as they get older and other factors come into play in their lives. So congratulations to all our students for working hard!