Great News from Central America!

Jun 17, 2013 | Students

The word from our contact in Nicaragua is that all of the girls there are doing really well in school, which is such good news. If you remember, Glenda and Yulisa had had some problems last year with their grades, and not passing certain classes. We told them that we would work one more year with them, but they had to pass ALL their classes and couldn’t fail even one. So far, that seems to be the case, and our contact Marina tells us they are happy in their schools, haven’t missed a single day of class, and their grades are high. And Karina, Fatima, Sua and Alondra are doing wonderfully as well. Karina just got her first 100% on an English test! Next year, we’ll be chatting in English, we’re sure! Christa will be traveling back to Nicaragua in December to attend Karina’s Quinceanera, her 15th birthday party. Her birthday is actually in October, but her parents want to have a nice party for her, and they want Christa, Ashley and Marina (our contacts in El Sauce) to attend, so they are waiting until December. Who could say no to that?

We also received photos from Camila’s “Clausura,” which simply means the closing ceremony for the year. Much to her mother’s surprise, Camila received a number of awards for her performance. Please check out Cami’s page for all the photos. She’s really working hard to succeed in school, and it is paying off. She is thriving in this environment and we are so grateful to the Benefactor who pays half her fees every year.

There are some very happy girls around the world who are very grateful for your support and help. As are we! Happy summer, everyone!