Half of Our 8 Billion

Nov 18, 2022 | General

We at One New Education are proud to be a very small part of helping bolster the rights of the women and girls in the countries where we work. We are, obviously, delighted to be able to help our students finish school, start careers, and have more autonomy in their lives. But we are even prouder that our work is a tiny part of something much bigger.

Our planet hit a dramatic milestone on November 15, 2022, as the human population passed the 8 billion mark. That’s a lot of people, and clearly too many for many countries and their citizens to support. It’s an unsustainable number that causes huge problems for poorer countries and poorer families in wealthier countries, and only exacerbates the wealth disparities around the globe. Our tendency is to blame this number of people for all the problems of our planet, especially for climate change, but Kristen P. Patterson from Project Drawdown urges world leaders to “turn away from dramatic headlines about the number of people on the planet and instead focus on the actual issue driving the continued rise”—insufficient attention to ensuring the rights of girls and women. Read her call for gender equality, bodily autonomy, and equal access to education here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for caring about the rights of all the world’s citizens.

The ONE Board