Husna Makes Division One!

Oct 2, 2017 | Students

We received some wonderful news from Greg and Shannon about Husna in Tanzania. Her grades and performance on her exam earned her a place in Division 1! According to Greg and Shannon, this is the highest standard in the country, and places her in the top 1% of the students who took the exam. It means that (as long as her performance continues) she will readily earn university placement, and be able to attend medical school.

Husna is a wonderful and brilliant young lady, whose family was having a very hard time keeping her in school because of her father’s health problems. Our scholarship has removed all that worry, and she is clearly making the most of her time at school! Congratulations, Husna!

All our girls in Nicaragua did really well for the first semester also. Here are their percentages. We realize that grades are not everything, but in many other countries, grades are much more important than in this country, where there are more opportunities even if you don’t do all that well in school.So we are very proud and happy to see all our girls in Nicaragua do so well! We are still waiting on the grades from Seyla and Fatima.

Alondra 78%
Belen 80%
Elizabeth 95%
Melba 78%
Michel 79%
Odalis 78%
Sua 82%
Tatiana 86%
Teresa 90%