Khusbu Pariyar

Date of Birth: 2007

Year in School: Grade 7

Costs per Year: $950

Location: Dhulikhel, Nepal


​Khusbu joined the ONE family for the 2018-2019 school year. Her story is best told through Subash’s letter to us about her and her family.

There is a girl age 11 studying in my school since she was small. Her name is Khusbu Pariyar. She studies in class 3. She studies well. She has three sisters mother and father in her family she is the middle one. She has older sister studying in grade 9 and younger sister of 3 years. Her younger sister hasn’t join yet to the school. Her father is an alcoholic who drinks from morning to evening even her mother don’t know where do his husband get the money to drink. Her mother used to work hard for the whole day to provide them a good education but her father used to keep drinking all the day, come to the home lately and start hitting his wife and the elder sister. Her mother share these things with me with full of tears in her eyes. Her mother used to work hard few years ago for their education but now she can’t do work due to her bad health. She was diagnosed one kidney fail few years ago. Then it became difficult to her to manage money for her treatment and money to educate her girls. She got few of the expenses to cure her kidney problem from the government but still she is struggling to it her kidney problem had been somewhat recovered. Though she had a kidney fail she used to work hard for her kids but the bad luck is due to the extreme use of medicine her bones from pelvic part has been affected. Her bone is being infected by the overdose of medicine. Now it is difficult to her to even walk. She hardly came to school by walking to share all those things with me I noticed her mother walking she was really having so much pain to walk so I ask help from one of my colleague to drive her back to the room. As I heard they used to have home but due to her father alcoholic behaviour and due to loss in their work they had to sell everything and from then they started living in rent in a room. Her elder daughter (Kusum Pariyar) Khusbu’s older sister is joined to the same school and she has been sponsored by one of the nurses group from Kathmandu. So she is asking us to help her daughter Khusbu too.

Subash found out from Khusbu’s teachers that her performance in school is not that great, and he was very concerned about whether or not ONE would help her. Khusbu’s mother is going to need dialysis, and they have no money whatsoever. The foundation has decided to help Khusbu for this year, to relieve some of the pressure on her mother, with the caveat that she has to improve her performance in school. We are paying for some extra tutoring for her, and we are hoping that she will feel a little more comfortable and able to study and advance.

2020 – 2021

It has been a very hard year for Khusbu. Her mother died from many health complications, and the pandemic has challenged her even further in terms of school performance. Nonetheless, she continues to study, and is now back in school, where they are being very careful with face masks and shields for protection.

2019 – 2020

January 2020

We received a wonderful holiday card from Khusbu as she headed off for her winter vacation.

September 2019

Khusbu still struggles with schoolwork, but she loves art and school projects. Our contact Subash says that she really loves school, so that is the best thing of all. At a recent science fair, Khusbu made a wonderful replica of a very famous tower called Bhimsen Stambha, which sadly fell in the 2015 earthquake.

2018 – 2019

April 2019

Khusbu is still trying hard in school. Our contact Subash tells us that Khusbu still needs to work very hard but that she is really good in speaking, music, and dancing. We’re just glad that she has something she enjoys at school. She passed her year and moves into fifth year, which is very exciting. We hope she’ll continue to work hard and become more comfortable with her studies.

She and the other girls had a lot of new experiences this year, including a craft class, and helping to build a new playground for the school.

October 2018

Khusbu still struggles with school, but she is trying, and we are continuing to help her through the year before we assess what to do. It is hard to not have the support you need at home, but she does say that her mother is doing OK. We hope that she continues to improve, so that Khusbu can worry less and enjoy and thrive in school. Our contact Subash says that Khusbu enjoys music and dance when she has a chance, so maybe we can help with an extracurricular class if her grades stabilize.