Letters from Bencille and Angela

Feb 6, 2014 | Students

Happy February, everyone! We received sweet letters from Bencille in Haiti and Angela in Mexico City. We hope you enjoy them!

Bencille012014 Bencille’s January letter to us (click to enlarge)

Today I am happy to take my pen to write you these words. Before I go on, how are you, your projects and your family? On my end, everything is going very well at my school thank God, so I write you this little letter to tell you about the great activities at my school. Everything is going well this year and I understand much more quickly and much better since I like all the subjects. I also like the way our teacher teaches us. When I am in school I feel very comfortable with my friends and the directors of the school. I really love my school. I can’t forget to thank you for all that you do for me. Thank you, thank you. I love you. Bencille


012014 Angela’s January letter (click to enlarge)

I want you all to know that I am very happy to be in secondary school, which is the beginning of my goals that I have to follow. The teaching in this school is good. I like all my subjects but my favorite are English and Spanish, but I want to continue on so I can become a professional. I want to stand out in computing (such as computer networking), because in the end I have a great desire to be someone in life.

Yours sincerely, Angela Brenda Villa