Letters from Wini and Jenipha A. in Tanzania

Apr 6, 2012 | Students

Jenipher Anselimu and Winifrida Leonard are now both in a school where they are learning English. Here are their most recent letters to us, delivered from their sponsor, Greg, when he came to the states for a recent visit. Both were in neatly folded envelopes that said “I love you” on them. Click on each letter to see a larger version of it.

Story for Christa

Hi Christa. I am Jennifer “1” I said hi. I a like you and you you like me?
I am class 3. I am 9 years old. I am 1 mother and 1 father, 2 sister and 1 brother, 1 aunt and 1 uncle. I am like my family and you too your like you family? Look at is flowers.

Peace Love Christa sponsenrs (sponsors)

I hope your are doing well. I am doing sponsenrs for me. Thank four (sic) your gift. Thank for come. I am very happy to know that your sponred (sponsored) me and will prayer to God to live long time. Also I am very happy to see miss together although I didn’t see all my sponers (sponsors). Three sisters three brother one uncle one aunt.