Sep 28, 2012 | Students

We got a lot of letters recently, from Nicaragua, Honduras and Tanzania. Here is a sampling of some of them. If you click to enlarge them, you’ll be able to read them.

From Winifrida Leonard in Tanzania

From Jenipha Anselimu in Tanzania

From Klaudina in Honduras

From Jenipha Joseph in Tanzania

From Yulisa in Nicaragua

From Yosmari in Nicaragua (page 1)

From Yosmari in Nicaragua (page 2)

The translation for Yulisa’s letter is as follows: “Hello Christa, I hope that you are in good health at the side of your family. The reason I’m writing this little letter is to tell you a little about me and my family. I want to tell you that my grandmother Francisca recently had a hernia operation and thanks to God it went well. I also want to tell you that on the 14th of September I will perform in the Independence Day parade. My family is well and I want to know how you are in your country. I have written this letter with much love and affection.”

The translation for Yosmari’s letter is as follows: Hello Christa, I hope that you are in good health surrounded by your family and all your friends. I’m writing this letter to tell you a little about me and my family. On the 14th of September, I am very happy to take place in the Independence day parade. I also want to say that I am very happy to continue forward with my studies. I ask God that you help me continue with my studies and make something of my life. My dream is to be a nurse, if God wills it. Every day I ask God to protect you and care for you always and everyone who surrounds you. My grandmother had an operation. We asked God to care for her and everything turned out well. It makes me very happy to write you and tell you a little about me and my family. I love you and may God protect you always and care for you wherever you go.”

Yosmari and Yulisa are cousins and they live with their grandmother, which is why they both mentioned her hernia operation. Because both of them have done well in school, they both got to participate in the Independence Day parade, which is a source of great pride. We are really happy for them, and hope to have photos for you soon!

Next time, we’ll introduce you to Bharosha and Swostika, our two new scholarship recipients from Nepal.


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  1. Very cool! I’m gonna use some of these to practice understanding Spanish. And the others to practice English 😉