Lots of Updates!

Aug 20, 2014 | Students

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. It’s been busy here at the foundation, and we have lots of news. All the girls are doing well; we’re waiting on final grade cards and letters from all the girls in Nicaragua, but we’ve received many wonderful things from many of our other students. Mireya in Peru received all highest marks for her mid-year report card, and Camila in Honduras continues to do beautifully – she just started third grade!


Naume and Rebecca are both doing really well. Naume is getting so tall, and she placed 5th in her class at the middle of the year. They ended their first half with a couple of fun school trips, and both girls wrote us letters.

RebeccaFunpark1 Rebecca at Freedom Park during a recent school trip (click to enlarge)

Playtime Fun at Freedom Park (click to enlarge)

NaumeSchoolTrip Naume on her school trip (click to enlarge)

201408Letter Rebecca’s mid-year letter to us (click to enlarge)

201408 Naume’s mid-year letter to us (click to enlarge)


2014908Wini Wini’s mid-year letter to us (click to enlarge)

201408JeniJ Jeni Joseph’s mid-year letter to us (click to enlarge)

201408JeniA Jeni Anselimu’s mid-year to us (click to enlarge)

The girls in Tanzania are all doing really well. Jeni A. got such high marks in school that she was chosen to go on Safari with some of the other children. Here are their recent letters to us.


Klaudina has been a presence on Facebook, so we have been able to keep in touch with her that way. Her mid-year grades were very high, and in response to a question Christa had for her about her English studies, she sent us this letter and photograph. She has become such a lovely young woman, and we have no doubt that she will continue to shine.

KlauAugust2014 Lovely Klaudina (click to enlarge)

August 14, 2014

Hello my name is Klaudina Isabel Rodesno Flores (just Klaudy), and I’m gonna tell you something about my story: I’m 14 years old, and like almost all the teenagers I have a lot of dreams that I want to live, one of those dreams is to give my mom a different life, better than this cause she’s a single mom that is working so hard to give me what I need (I really love her), another of my dreams is go to England, because I want to live there someday. One New Education foundation is helping me to make my dreams come true (I know that I’m not perfect but I’m doing my best). I’ve been learning English and I really like it.

This have change my life for complete, cause now I see everything in a very positive way, dreams are possible, everything’s possible if you believe (and work so hard), learn English was the first dream in my list, now is real, my list is so long and I’m sure that with effort and with your help I will live all my dreams… thank you very much for all that you do for girls like me that are “DREAMING” someday I will grow, I will be adult, and I hope to help the people like you do… “cumple tus sueños, llega a la cima de la montaña mas alta, y cuando estes allí no te olvides de ayudar a quien aun esta subiendo, recuerda que algun dia tu tambien estuviste abajo…”

“Accomplish your dreams. Arrive at the top of the highest mountain and when you are there, don’t forget to help anyone who is still climbing, remember that one day you were also down below.” (translation ours)