Lovely Lovely Karina

Oct 25, 2015 | Students

We have been in touch with Karina through Facebook and she is just doing so well and growing up to be such a lovely young woman, we just couldn’t be happier. She has figured out how to study in her Saturday-only classes, which is very challenging, and she’s doing really well in her school this year so far. When you consider that Karina comes from a small mountain village where many of the people don’t study past 6th grade, and then she’s taking classes only one day a week, mostly with a bunch of adults, it is really wonderful how well she is doing. Her letter to us tells us all about her life right now, and her dreams for the future. Here’s the translation:

September 8, 2015

Christa the reason to write you this letter is to tell you about my advances in my Saturday classes. This year I have felt a little more comfortable, I have become accustomed to the Saturday shift and I have received an 82%.

This year I have felt less tired because now I travel in a vehicle from Octotal to El Sauce. I have missed you a lot this year. Last year I waited for you to give you your pine needle baskets. I have gotten better with my English with the help of my brother Lester.

I know that I have advanced a lot in my classes and I thank you for your help and your generosity in helping us with our classes. I know that with your help and my efforts I can achieve my goals and finish my studies. This year I will march as a cumplidora in the parade in September!

(This part is in English)

Christa, I love you many! You are a person very wonderful! Thank you for live in my life! Can you go this years? A big hug for you and for my dear donors.

I am taking a class in agro-ecology in Leon with my brother Lester and my cousin, the daughter of Señora Yamilda. I have learned a lot about crops and insects.

For the last two months I have been giving preschool classes to children in the community about 3 km from my house. It’s not very tiring.

I hope that you come this year so I can speak to you about my plans and hear yours.

Thank you for the gifts that you sent with Ashley. They are very pretty. Daniela has grown a lot and Pirulino (the cat) died about four months ago. It hurt me a lot. He was very loving.

I hope you are well and happy that I have written you and have not forgotten you. Marina is a wonderful person and very kind. I have looked for you on Facebook but I haven’t found you. I am: Karina Martinez on Facebook.

Christa, take good care of yourself, and I want you to know that I value your efforts and always pray to God for you.

This year I have taken the most advantage of my studies and yes, I am sure that I can achieve my purpose! I wait for you this year. I want to see you and hug you hard. Many hugs to you!

From Karina Martinez

Make sure you go to her page to see some wonderful new photos from Karina and her family during her sister Daniela’s second birthday party.