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Feb 26, 2014 | Students

Over the past couple of months, we’ve received lots of letters from many of our students. We wanted to share a sample with you so that you can see what the girls are saying. Many are written to all of you, the donors, who are helping them attend school. I try and get it across to the girls that all of you are very interested in their progress and that anything they can tell you about themselves helps all of us to understand how things are going and who they are. So although writing letters about themselves is not something they are used to doing, we think they are doing really well with it!


Cami022014 Camila’s February 2014 Letter (click to enlarge)

“Hi, Before entering LWA I studied in a government school. Thanks to the foundation, I now am blessed to be able to study in Living Water Academy. My teacher’s name is Emily Hennek. She is smart, funny and she helps us. In my grade there are 7 students and we get along really well, but my best friend’s name is Lucia. We get along very well. I like all the subjects, but my favorites are Spanish and social studies. Miss Hansy is great and Miss Alvarez also. I like them a lot and also Miss Katy makes me the leader so everyone can follow me in the dances and songs that we do. I am very happy to be in this school. 2nd Grade, Camila, 8 years old”


From Glenda Raquel Acosta Salgado
For my donors
I want to tell you a little about the things I like and what’s been hard for me this year.
I like my science and chemistry class because it was about humans. I like English class, although it’s a little difficult for me. Because of that I entered a separate English class so that it will make my class easier and I will learn more.
My most difficult class is math because it requires so much thinking. But I know that I have to make an effort to pass it since all my classes are very important for me to reach my goal.
I say goodbye to you hoping that God blesses you and fills you with many blessings.
Glenda Raquel Acosta Salgado


From: Hazel Karina Martinez
For: My dear donors. I hope that you are doing well, enjoying a new year filled with happiness, strength and intelligence after enjoying the beautiful Christmas that God gave us!
After this short greeting, I want to tell you all that this school year was one of the most marvelous opportunities in my life. I had many experiences in each one of my classes. I feel I have a little more understanding and for me it’s exciting to know because I know that this will serve me in my future.
I also learned new things in my favorite class, English. I understand and I want to pay attention to learning English because my dreams are to learn to speak English to be a tourist guide in the future. I know that I will accomplish this by studying, and I also want to know the United States. I want to have friends from there and I know that with help from all of you and “Mama” Christa I will realize my dreams.
I am doing very well in class. I am not really smart, but if I can achieve being a cumplidora (participant in the annual national fiesta parade because of good grades) it is exciting and a source of pride for me and for all of you.
In saying goodbye, I would like to be closer to you all to say it personally, but it’s difficult. One day we will make it a reality.
Sincerely, Karina Martinez Bye! I love you all very much, hugs and kisses.




Hello, I hope that this finds you healthy alongside your family. After this short greeting I will tell you the following.
The reason for sending you this letter is to tell you how my school year went. It went very well because I learned a lot. The class I like the most was social studies because we talked about all the other countries, like, for example: Mexico, Asia, America, Europe. My worst class was math, because it’s very hard. I did everything possible to practice enough and the last grades were my highest.
My mother was very happy because I got good grades and could graduate. My graduation day was very happy with my whole family and now I’m very happy because now I’m going into secondary school. I will be in first year and I will do everything possible to be able to move forward. I help my mother a lot with the housework and caring for my little sister, who is 4 years old. I am very happy to receive the scholarship again and my mother is also because she won’t have difficulty in sending me to school. I thank you a lot for giving me this opportunity and I hope that you have a very happy 2014.
Signed, Fatima Raquel Ramirez Torrez

Wini, Jeni A. and Jeni J.

JeniA2014 Jenipha Anselimu’s January 2014 letter to us (click to enlarge)

Wini2014 Wini’s January 2014 letter to us (click to enlarge)

JeniJ2014 January 2014 letter from Jenipha Joseph (click to enlarge)