Meet Amrita!

Aug 27, 2016 | Students

20160603_155325 Amrita Ojha (click to enlarge)

IMG_20160811_112816 Amrita at school (click to enlarge)We’d like to introduce you to our 27th student! Her name is Amrita Ojha, and she lives in Nepal, in the same town as Bharosha and Roshani. Amrita came to us through Subash. She used to attend the school where Subash teaches, but had to leave because of family circumstances. Here is Subash’s letter to us describing her situation:

She used to be a student from my school but she left the school because her family couldn’t afford the schooling fee. Her name is Amrita Ojha. She is 8 years old. She lives in Dhulikhel at her maternal uncles home. Her father married another woman when she was just a child as per the information I got she was 1 and half yrs old.  And then she was raised by her mother leaving her father’s home and they shifted to her maternal uncle’s home. And then about 2 yrs ago her mother got married with the next man leaving her alone at her maternal uncle’s home. She is living with her maternal uncle family. She used to be student of our school but her uncle took her out from our school because he couldn’t afford the school expenses since he had his own children and due to extra burden in school expenses.

I heard she always keep on looking to the our school bus everyday on her way to home because she missed our school. Isn’t that the heart touching one? That small girl is bearing so many problems due to the wrong decisions that her parents took. So one of her neighbours told me about that. If we can help her I think it would be great at least she can get the quality education though she didn’t get the proper care from her family. Her neighbour was requesting us what if we can keep her  not in her school expenses only but the full hostel facilities. They were saying how long would her maternal uncles can take care of her?? Since he has his own family to look for. 

And I forget to mention that she is taken care by her grandmother and I got the information that her grandmother drink much. I heard that she is like alcoholic that is also why her neighbours were telling me to keep her at hostel. 

We agreed to help Amrita go back to school and to live at the boarding facility, since it sounds like she will have much more consistency and predictability in her education and living situation this way. The school has given her some dresses, quilts and other bedding for free for her room, and she is already enrolled at the school. They are willing to help with the costs a bit, so it will be less of a cost to ONE. We are so happy to have Amrita join our family, and we wish her all the best. Now she doesn’t have to look longingly every day at the school bus as it goes by. Welcome, Amrita!