Meet Linda Maria

Apr 4, 2016 | Students

Linda Maria Salgado Valladares is in Kindergarten in Tatumbla, Honduras, a little town just outside of Tegucigalpa. She is the only child in a family of adults, and has already been taught her ABCs and her numbers in English. Linda Maria’s mother, Linda Rocillo, recently graduated from the university with a degree in social work, but cannot find any work at all. If finding a job in the social work field is challenging here in the United States, it’s doubly so in Honduras.

DSC04564 copy Linda Maria and her mother, Linda Rocillo (click to enlarge)

Linda Maria will be attending a bilingual school in her town that was just started. Christa met the director and the teachers, and the teachers speak perfect English, which is very encouraging. Linda Maria is over the moon about being in school and you can read all about it on her page.

Also, please visit the pages for Karina, Teresa, Michel, Odalis, Klaudina and Camila to see some videos taken of them when Christa visited in January and February. The pages for all of our girls from Central America have been updated with letters and more photos, so please take a little time to wander through them and catch up with our lovely girls. As a treat, here’s a video from Klaudina, telling us why she likes speaking English so much (remember, this girl spoke NO English three years ago!). For all our videos over the years, please visit our Vimeo page at: