Meet Our New Girls!

Jul 1, 2012 | Students

It’s been exciting lately! ONE now has three new scholarship recipients: Cami, Karina and Mireya. They all have pages up now, so please go to “Our Students” and meet them. Christa will be meeting Karina and Cami this winter, hopefully Mireya in Peru as well. We’re very excited to welcome these girls into our program and wish them the best of luck in school.

One piece of sad news is that Ana Regina, the young woman from Nicaragua who was the inspiration for the program, will no longer be receiving a scholarship from ONE. Ana left school of her own accord in May. Her sister and cousin are still in school and doing very well says Marina, our contact in town. Despite Marina’s explanation that leaving school will mean that she will no longer receive a scholarship from us, Ana chose that path, and we are very sad. But Ana’s inspiration has meant that 12 other girls are receiving an education that they otherwise would not have a chance at, so our sadness is tempered with gratitude for her presence, and to all of you for the donations that have made this program possible.

We have posted a link to a wonderful short video from YouTube that expresses beautifully why ONE exists. It was created by an organization called It Only Takes a Girl, and we are grateful for the work they do, and this moving video. Check it out a the bottom of our “About” page, after the references.

Thank you again for all your support and donations, and please pass the word around. We are beginning the search for grant possibilities so that we can move to the next level in helping these girls, but your donations and your support will always be the backbone of ONE. Without you, we couldn’t even have started the program, and it would all still be just a dream.