Meet Prachi Manoj Devre

Sep 26, 2015 | Students

In an earlier blog post, we mentioned that we had taken on a new girl from India, since Guddi’s family decided to leave and move to another part of the city, and Aarti could no longer help her. Originally, Aarti asked us to help a girl named Sangami Manoj Devre, and we accepted her. It turns out that another man in India wanted to help pay for Sangami’s education, so we have accepted her younger sister, Prachi.

Prachi is 8 years old, and in 3rd Standard (third grade) at an English medium school, which is very expensive. Her mother wants her two daughters to attend this school, which is much better than the regular public schools, despite opposition from the whole family (who do not see girls’ education as a good use of what small amount of money they have). Prachi’s mother has taken as many jobs as a domestic worker as she can, and that money all goes towards Prachi’s and Sangami’s education.

In addition, Prachi’s mother saves up a few rupees every month so that both girls can go to Aarti’s classes at Sakhi, which will augment their reading and math skills.

We are delighted to help Prachi and hope that her dream of becoming a teacher is fully realized! Please go to Prachi’s page to read more about her, see pictures, and read her application letter to us. It’s pretty cute!