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May 29, 2014 | Students

We got another great little chatty letter from Mireya in Peru. Having access to a computer is really a fantastic thing for some of these girls, and no one uses it better than Mireya! You really need to click on the letter to enlarge it to see the enthusiasm with which Mireya writes!

MireyaLetter Mireya’s May 2014 Letter (click to enlarge)


Hi, it’s Mireya. How is your health also? I am happy that you have enjoyed my drawings. I just finished taking a bath and a little later I am going to eat. The doctor told me I am fine but I was worried. But I am happy now and I am well, the doctor told me that it’s part of growing up. Later I am going to eat my eggs with my drink and an apple. I like apples a lot. I don’t like vegetable all that much, but my mother says they are good for my health and for my bones. From time to time I eat sweets. My classes are going very well, and in addition, this week we don’t have to take exams. But I am studying. I prefer science and environmental studies, religion, art, drawing, communication and civics. I also know math and I will be more determined in that. I don’t have any problems with math but my dad helps me at times.

I don’t want to be an engineer. I would like to study chemistry and that also includes math, for example Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2. I tell you that in school we are doing a play about the fable of the lying shepherd and I am in it. I love theater and because of that I am participating in the play on my birthday, which is the 13th of June. They are going to give me a really nice present.

OK, Miss Christa, I have to go now. I send you some big kisses. BYE!