Lots of News about Our Students!

Feb 23, 2020 | Students

We have a lot of news from many of our students and we wanted to share it with you. Please visit each individual page for further information and photos, letters and other news. We are just so proud of these young women, and so excited to be able to be a part of their lives and watch them grow and learn.

  • In Guatemala, Pascuala Alicia is going back to school! If you recall, she spent the last two years since her graduation working to help put her younger siblings through high school. Well, now it’s her turn! She sent in a wonderful application for a scholarship to help her take four classes to move her into her future. We have added her answers to her application questions to her page, so please visit to see what she is thinking. She has a wonderful plan, and our board is very excited to help her this coming year. Because of the cost, this will be for one year only, but we are certain she’ll be successful with her ideas and her hard work.
  • In Nicaragua, Elizabeth aced her national entrance exam and has been accepted into the medical bioanalysis program at the national university in Leon! She’ll be living in Leon and studying daily, which we are really happy about.
  • There is some great news, as well as photos and videos from our girls in India. Prerana has been safely and happily traveling to and from her music lessons on a used “Scooty” that we helped her buy. Prachi is still doing stunning artwork. And Apurva is busily studying for her national exam for 10th Standard. This is a big exam; it will determine if she continues with school and at what level. We are not too concerned, since her grades have been stellar. But it’s still a lot of stress and we wish her all the best!
  • Our girls in Haiti are back in school. School started in January after about five months of closure due to the civil unrest in the country. We are so glad they are back in school and studying.
  • In Uganda, Rebecca and Naomi have both started their next year in school; Naomi in her third year of secondary school, and Rebecca entered 7th Standard. Both are having a few struggles, for different reasons. But we have hopes that they will do well this year.
  • In Tanzania, Husna is loving nursing school! Our contact Shannon was able to visit her and all three of our girls still in school, Jeni Anselm, Jeni Joseph, and Winnie Leonard. They are now in Form 4, which is a very big year. At the end of the year they will take a national exam to determine whether they continue on, and if so, at what level.
  • In Mexico, Angela continues to shine in school, and recently received a certificate of recognition for her second place finish in her entire class for the third trimester. She finished with a 9.9 average (99%), so it really couldn’t get much better for her!
  • Finally, please don’t forget our upcoming fundraiser on March 1. If you are in the area, you should come, because it will be a lot of fun! Check out the event on Facebook


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