Naomi, Angela, Bencille, and Achecaina…

Oct 4, 2017 | Students

Hi everyone, we wanted to let you all know a few pieces of news about some of our girls whose homes have been in the news lately, or whose lives are changing, just so you can stay caught up with all of them.

Thankfully, hurricane Irma did not damage Port au Prince, where Bencille and Achecaina live. We have heard from Claudine, our contact there, that everyone is fine but it was a little scary. We are so relieved!

Angela has been struggling but she and her mother are doing OK. They sent some photos of their earthquake-damaged room in Mexico City, but luckily nothing more than a few cracks in the walls happened. We learned that Angela dropped out of school last year. Once they were asked to leave the home they were living in and had to find a room together, the economic pressure became too much and Angela dropped out. We agreed to pay for her year one more time so that she can keep trying, so she’s back in her first year of preparatoria (roughly equivalent to 11th grade). We made a deal with her and Lourdes that they would stay in better touch about how things are going in the future, so we hope that takes some of the pressure off.

Naomi (this is now how she spells her name) is studying really hard for her exams to enter high school. She has been taking preparatory exams along with a hundred other students in her neighborhood, and we all have great hopes that she will do well and be able to enter a good high school. She takes her exams in November, so fingers crossed! Send some good thoughts her way so she receives all of our best wishes for her success.

Thanks for all your support of our girls, we appreciate it so very much.




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  1. Great work with girls. Sad about the dropping out. Hopefully she’ll get back on track.