New Photos from Tanzania, Cards from Nepal…and a Little Note From Camila

Dec 7, 2013 | Students

We received some wonderful photos from Tanzania, of the orphanage center, and the girls. All are doing well; their tuitions are paid for 2014, and they are looking forward to next year. When we have letters and grade reports, we’ll let you all know. For now, here are some great photos. They are growing up so fast!

KiliPrphanageCenter Kilimanjaro Orphanage Center, where all the girls live (click to enlarge)


KiliOrphanagePlayground Well-used playground at the center (click to enlarge)

KiliOprphangeSwings The swingset is very popular! (click to enlarge)


GirlsPresents copy The girls with cards made by kids who attended our Family Dance Party and Fundraiser in October 2013. From L to R: Jeni A., Jeni J and Wini (click to enlarge)

JeniJAnselimu2013 Jeni Anselimu is getting so tall! (click to enlarge)

WiniCoat2 Lovely Wini in her bright pink coat (click to enlarge)













Bharosha and Roshani Send Cards

We received cards and grades from our contact in Nepal. Bharosha is doing very well, ranking 8th in her class. Roshani is struggling a little, so our contact Subash is giving her some extra tutoring after school to help her out. We are very grateful to Subash for his dedication to these girls. They also made some cards for us, with help from the older students at the school, since neither one of them speaks English right now. We love the cards, and hope we get to see them dance one day!

BharoshaLetter Bharosha’s card to us (click to enlarge)

RoshaniLetter Roshani’s card to us. We love the house drawing! (click to enlarge)








A Note From Camila on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving, we received this note from Camila in Tegucigalpa: Hola soy Camila, hoy en la escuela celebramos el dia de accion de graciasĀ  y solo queria agradecerte de poder estudiar enĀ  l.w.a. feliz dia de accion de gracias espero verte pronto. Con amor, Camila

Translation: Hi, it’s Camila. Today in school we celebrated Thanksgiving, and I just wanted to thank you for being able to study at LWA (Living Water Academy). Happy Thanksgiving, I hope to see you soon. With love, Camila.

It IS a day of Thanksgiving when we get photos and letters like this! Thanks to all who have donated to help make these pictures and letters possible!