News From Africa…

Jan 20, 2014 | Students

We’ve received letters and grade cards from both Uganda and Tanzania, and we are so happy to see where they are at this point. All the girls are doing very well, and have started their next year. Here is the grade comments from our contact in Tanzania:

“Jeni Anselimu did not finish first as she usually does among our kids. One of the older girls that we had to start at a younger class beat her out for this spot. And then our second was Victor. Next came Winnie and then Jeni. All of them finished in the top 1/3rd of their classes. Jeni Joseph finished 7th and was in the top 1/2 of the class.”

We are very proud of them, regardless of what place they end up in! For us, it’s mostly about staying in school and trying, not placing first or always getting high grades. Jeni A, Jeni J and Wini also have help and support at the orphanage, so we have no doubt they will continue to thrive.

WiniPool Wini on a recent visit to the pool, always a favorite with the kids! (click to enlarge)

WiniLetter Wini’s Christmas Letter (click to enlarge)

JeniALetter Jeni A’s Christmas Letter

JeniJLetter Jeni J’s Christmas Letter (click to enlarge)







In Uganda, Naume and Rebecca are also doing very well. Naume placed 7th out of the 25 students in her class – congratulations, Naume! They both moved on to their next year of school, and sent us some wonderful letters. In addition, Robert and Rose from the school sent us some wonderful photos of the girls in an end of the year performance. The photos are on Naume’s and Rebecca’s individual pages, but here are a couple.

RebeccaNote112013 Rebecca’s Christmas letter to us (click to enlarge)

Naume's letter Naume’s Christmas letter to us (click to enlarge)

NaumeModeling Here Naume is holding a flower and describing its uses to the audience (click to enlarge)

RebeccaRhyme2 Rebecca is second from the left in the white dress in this rhyming activity (click to enlarge)