Autumn (for us!) News

Oct 27, 2020 | Students

Hello everyone, it’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost over as fall and winter approach. Things were pretty quiet here for the past couple months, but there has been a recent flurry of activity from our girls that we wanted to let you know about. As ever, please look at their pages for more information, letters, photos, and updates. We’ve asked many of our girls to send us letters about studying online, so there are some new ones up on their pages.

In HAITI, Achecaina and Bencille are back in school—Achecaina in 5th Grade and Bencille in Year 3. Bencille will only have one year to go after this, so we hope that the schools stay open and she is able to move forward. They both wrote us letters you can see on their pages. Thanks to board member Leslie Grabel for her translations!

In TANZANIA, all our girls have returned to school, and Winnie was able to get back to Kenya to re-enter her classes. The girls are still waiting to take their Form 4 exams, since everything was delayed. To pass will be a huge accomplishment (something that fewer than 3% of the students in Tanzania do). We are incredibly proud of them and hope that they do well on their exams and beyond.

In INDIA, we have some spectacular news. Apurva passed her 10th Standard exams with a 93% average! That is simply wonderful and, again, something that not many students, especially girls, accomplish. She is currently studying in 11th Standard, which is a little like a combination of high school and college. It is much harder, and she’s studying physics, chemistry, and biology, which is requiring a lot of work. Please check out her page to read her letter to us. Prerana is entering 9th Standard, and she’ll be studying online with a program called Byju. So we’ll be buying her a tablet and internet time, so she can be successful in her studies. All of this online studying is very challenging to the girls, and we are so happy to help them stay engaged and optimistic.

Our GRADUATES are doing well. Husna is entering her second year of nursing school in Tanzania, and Karina is going back to school soon for her fourth year of university, studying to be a tourism guide. Elizabeth is finishing up her first year of college studying to be a biological technician, and she loves it. We heard some sad news that Sua’s mother died of kidney disease a few weeks ago, and she and the family are struggling but coping as best as they can. Glenda is working as a nursing assistant for an elderly woman in El Sauce, and plans to return to nursing school next year. We have not heard recently from Alicia or Michel, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know!

As ever, thank you all so much for the support you’ve given our girls over the years, and especially during this tragic and very challenging year. It is sometimes hard to find much optimism these days, but these girls provide us with so much. They are working so hard, and we have no doubt they will change their worlds in the future!

We hope you all have a wonderful fall, and that you stay safe and well.