News From Mexico, India, and Tanzania

Jul 25, 2020 | Students

We are happy to report some good news with some of our girls. Despite the ongoing pandemic, school closures, and economic instability around the world, they are still working hard, trying their best at online classes, and staying healthy. We are supporting all our girls in any way we can, with extra money for internet time, tablets, headphones, etc.

  • In Tanzania, Jeni A., Jeni J., and Winnie have been away from school for months, but they have returned recently and are studying for their Form 4 exams. These are the national exams they take at the end of their Form 4 year, and the results will determine whether they can continue, and where they can go if they do. Unfortunately, Tanzania’s President appears to be ignoring everything, and says that if people just go to church, they will be fine. COVID numbers are on the rise there, but not according to the President. We know that the girls are being careful, so we will stay in touch with them and with our contacts Greg and Shannon and keep you informed about their studies.
  • In Mexico, Angela finished her second year of Prepa in fine style, with really high grades. We are so proud of her and her efforts to do well and succeed. She has some ideas about what she wants to do after she is done with high school, and her most recent letter to us is on her page, along with some cute photos. She enters her last year of Prepa in August, and we know that she’ll shine. If she can do as well as she has in remote classes, she’ll do great no matter what!

Before schools shut down, Angela theoretically explaining the different types of triangles, but we think she’s probably doing something else!


      • Prerana recording stories for students at home during the COVID pandemic

      • And in India, we have heard that all our girls are healthy. They are studying with our contact Aarti in “digital” school. Prerana in particular has been involved. In April, she began recording stories for school children stuck at home by the pandemic. She will be recording 5,000 of them—one per day! There are some wonderful stories, in English, Hindi, and Marathi. You can find them on YouTube here, or on the Sakhi For Girls Education webpage. Enjoy!

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Thank you so much for all your support in these strange and scary times. Receiving news from all our girls gives us a lot of hope for the future, and we will continue to let you know how they are all doing.