News From Mexico and Uganda

Sep 6, 2013 | Organization, Students

It’s been a busy few weeks recently; we received letters, photos and report cards from several  of our students. We’ll have some new blog entries over the next few weeks, but we wanted to start with Mexico, where Angela Villa just started middle school.

Our contact there, Vicki, wrote to us with some recent pictures of Angela in her new Physical Education uniform:

“Honestly, without the help of this scholarship there is absolutely no way that this family would have been able to keep Angela in school here in Mexico. Such is the reality of transnational families — always with the looming question of feeling forced to send the child back to the US. We talked about this today, and Angela says she likes it better here and wants to stay — so I know she is relieved to have this support. She’s a smart kid who doesn’t say much. She has an adult sister who was a migrant in the US who pressures her to go back to the US, but is trying to find encouragement in role models of other female relatives who have all put their studies first and have careers now. People here get peso’d to death. “Public” education is definitely not free — registration costs, uniforms ($1,660 pesos!), endless school supplies, transportation, computer lab costs…”

AngelaTheresa2013 copy Angela in her new physical education uniform, with her grandmother Theresa (click to enlarge)

Vicki was able to get the paperwork for Angela’s dual citizenship completed and the family is presenting it to the school for verification. So with that, Angela can stay in Mexico with her family, and study hard. Thank you so much to all of you who have donated—we not only are helping a young girl with her future, but we are also helping keep a family together! And thank you to Vicki, without whose help this would be impossible.

And in Uganda, our contacts Robert and Rose sent us Naume’s and Rebecca’s most recent report cards. Naume is doing very well and is 9th in her class of 25. Congratulations, Naume! Rebecca is improving and doing well. We love the way her teacher suggested she could improve in certain areas: “Pull up your socks in learning areas 2, 4 and 5.” Both girls sent us wonderful letter, which we have put on their pages; please visit their pages to see and read more.

Lastly, we are sorry to announce that Cory Sheeley has decided to leave the board of directors. Between school and work, she said she just didn’t feel like she could contribute as much as she wanted to. While we didn’t agree at all, we respect her need to pare down a bit, and wish her well. The good news is that she will still help out with some needed publicity for events. We are pursuing some avenues for new board members, and we’ll announce them when we have them. If you are interested, you certainly do not have to live in Flagstaff. We have board meetings every two months, and we welcome anyone who is passionate about the cause, and enthusiastic about seeing us move forward!