News From Nicaragua—and (finally) Videos!

Jan 5, 2014 | Students

There is far too much news from Nicaragua to put in a blog post here (and actually have you read it), so we’ll hit on some highlights and hope that you will go to each girl’s page to learn more.

Yulisa and Yosmari are no longer with the program; they failed a lot of classes, and didn’t put any effort into staying in touch with our contact in town there. One of the requirements of the scholarship is to bring grade reports and letters and photos to Marina so she doesn’t have to go running all over town to find them. We need to make it as easy as possible on Marina, because without her, we couldn’t have any scholarship recipients in town there at all, and we are very grateful for her help.

Although we are sad at losing Yulisa and Yosmari, that sadness is greatly tempered by how well our other girls are doing. Fatima, Sua, Alondra, Glenda and Karina had great grades and are very happy to be in school. There are lots of new pictures on their pages, so please visit to see them. In addition, we awarded FOUR new scholarships! Teresa and Michel are entering their first year of high school, and have impressive grades from primary school. Tatiana is in school with Sua, and Odali is just entering primary school. Again, please check out their pages to meet them and learn more about them. So in total now, we have nine girls in El Sauce, Nicaragua! Marina has her hands full, but as long as the girls want to make an effort, she is excited to help them.

While I was in Nicaragua also, I attended the Quinceanos celebration of Karina, who turned 15 in October. This “15th year” celebration is the single most important event in a young girl’s life throughout Latin America. It’s something akin to a small wedding, and marks her transition from being a girl to a woman. Karina’s celebration was incredible, and we will post a whole blog about it soon, with loads of pictures, and we will also update her page very soon. Please stay tuned!

The last bit of great news is that we finally (FINALLY) have some videos posted on several of the student’s pages. Now, I’m not a videographer, so please excuse jerky camera action, overly enthusiastic commentary, and other faults. But for now, this is the best way for people to meet some of our girls and hear them speak for themselves. Please take some time and check out the videos on the following pages: Alondra, Camila, Fatima, Karina, Klaudina and Sua. None of them are very long, and some of them are pretty cute. Depending on your connection speed, it may take a bit of time to load them up, since I didn’t want to compress them to the point where the quality deteriorated too much. Please write us at if you note any major problems. And if you want to see more commentary on them, you can check us out on Vimeo, with the tagline ONE. I’ll be learning more and more about how to make a decent short video, and all the techniques for compression and such, but you get the idea from these !

Thanks, and enjoy all the photos and videos!

Friends3 Alondra, Sua and their siblings (click to enlarge)

MichelMomSister Michel with her mom and younger sister (click to enlarge)

TeresaMother Teresa and her mother (click to enlarge)

OdaliJulia Little Odali and her mom (click to enlarge)

TatianaMom Tatiana and her mother (click to enlarge)

FatimaMainPage Fatima’s growing up! (click to enlarge)