News, news, and more news!

Sep 8, 2012 | Students

Hi everyone, and happy September! I hope that fall is approaching wherever you are. Here it is lovely: warm and sunny, with the leaves just barely beginning to turn, and sunflowers everywhere. We have had lots of developments in our foundation recently, so it seems like a good time to tell you all about them.

First off, we have a new young lady from Port au Prince, Haiti! Her name is Bencille Jeune, and she was introduced to us by Christa’s friend Laura, who has been working on her PhD in medical anthropology there. Her page is up, so please check out the website and meet her! The image in this week’s blog is Bencille and some of her cousins.

Word from Nicaragua is that all the girls are doing great. I got their recent grade cards. Karina and Yosmaris especially are getting fantastic grades, and they are being rewarded by both getting to march in the September 16 festival parade in town. We’ll post pictures of that when it happens. Congratulations to both of them! Glenda got her math grade up high enough to be able to participate as well, playing an instrument, which is her passion.

From Uganda, Naume and Rebecca are also doing well. They recently went on a school field trip to visit many fun places near the city, like Mandela Stadium and Lake Victoria. The both had such a good time, and they wrote us letters to tell us about it. We have posted pictures and their letters on their pages on the website. We’re really excited for them that they could do this field trip, since it broadens their horizons and lets them see a different world from the one they live in every day.

In Honduras, Camila has started her new school and she is very excited. Her mom sent us an adorable picture of her in her new uniform, which is also up on her page.

Please visit the website and check out the girls’ progress and new photos. We try and update things as often as we can, so it’s always changing!

Last thing: don’t forget the Family Dance Party and Fundraiser on Sunday, September 16, 4 to 8 PM at Cafe Ole in Flagstaff! It will be a really fun time, with dancing and music, food and drink for all. We have some wonderful craft items made in several of the countries we are working with, or hoping to work with for sale, and all the proceeds will go to benefit these and other girls. We have three more applications, so we will need to keep raising money!