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May 27, 2019 | Students

Well, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us and the girls. Things have been a little hectic since the winter, but we have lots of news and updates for you about many of our scholarship recipients. Please read on!

  • In Nepal, Amrita, Bharosha, Khusbu, and Roshani all passed their final exams and have moved on to their next year in school. We are so happy about that! They had a full year, with lots of new activities, crafts, music, sports, and performances.
  • In Haiti, Bencille and Achecaina are doing very well. They have improved their grades from earlier and are winding down the year soon.
  • In Honduras, Linda Maria graduated from second grade on the high honor roll (as usual). She loves speaking English, being with all her friends, performing, and hanging out with her kitties. Linda’s mother goes away a lot for her job as a social worker, but they have loads of family to help Linda with her homework and activities. She is thriving, although she says she needs more sleep because there is “so much work to do.”
  • We heard from Ashley in Nicaragua that Michel passed her first round of exams in college, and she is so proud of herself. Probably not prouder than us. Felicidades, Michel!

Please make sure you visit the individual pages for each girl for  full updates,  lots of pictures, and some new videos! We’ll have more posts coming up soon, and more news and information, but we wanted to at least let you know that all the girls are doing well, and that they continue to thrive and move forward in their lives.

Have a wonderful end to your spring,

The ONE Board