News (and Photos) From Tanzania

Mar 11, 2017 | Students

Shannon was finally able to send us some pictures and news from her visit to see the kids in Tanzania. She was able to visit all of our girls there, and they really seem to be doing so well. We are so happy to hear this!

They are growing up so fast; they are all young women now. Jeni Anselm and Jeni Joseph are at St. Teresa’s, and Winnie is at Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Both schools are a little ways outside of Moshi, and they are girls’ boarding schools. They all seem to be thriving, and their teachers report that their academic progress is good.

Please check out their pages to see some updates, but here are a couple of photos of our lovely girls in Tanzania!

Jeni A (left) and Jeni J (right), with their friend Farida and Prosper and Danny, who help Greg and Shannon with all the kids (click to enlarge)

Shannon and lovely Winnie in a serious discussion (click to enlarge)