On Giving Tuesday

Nov 24, 2022 | General, Organization

Hello, everyone. We hope you had a delightful, peaceful, and delicious Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

Now that the madness of Black Friday is over (we hope!), we encourage you on Giving Tuesday to donate to organizations that support the causes that speak to your heart. There are so many places that our efforts and our dollars can go to help, whether that be conservation, peace and justice initiatives, education, or efforts to protect democracy and social justice around the world.

Obviously, we hope we are one of those organizations in the back (or front!) of your mind; we never cease to have important uses for the donations that are sent to us, and we are extremely grateful for everything we receive. But in the end, every person and organization working (whether in the back yard or across the globe) for peace, justice, women’s education, health initiatives, wildlife and wildland protection, and so many other causes is working for the same thing: a better world now and in the future.

So this Giving Tuesday, please support an organization that works to support our planet and all its communities.

Thank you for all you do,

Birgit, Christa, Heather, Janeece, Leslie, and Meghan