Our Girls in Honduras—and a New Board Member!

Apr 28, 2016 | Organization, Students

All of our girls in Honduras are doing really well. Camila is on the honor roll, as usual, and Linda Maria is thriving at her new school in Tatumbla. Please check out their pages to see more, but here are a couple of items for you to look at. We hope you’ll enjoy these as much as we do! And, we’d like to welcome our newest board member, Birgit Buss. Please check out our board of directors page for more information on Birgit. We are very excited to have her join our team; she has a background in education and a daughter who has helped with several of the fundraisers put on by FALA (so it’s kind of like getting two board members in one!), and she’s already given us some great ideas. Welcome Birgit!

IMG-20160415-WA0001 copy Camila’s on the honor roll in fourth grade (click to enlarge)

[flat_button text=”Linda Maria’s February and March” title=”Linda Maria’s February and March” url=”https://oneneweducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/February-and-March-Linda-Maria.pdf” padding=”10px 30px” bg_color=”#f37f1f” border_color=”#F37F1F” border_width=”2px” text_color=”#fafafa” text_size=”18px” align=”left” target=”_self”]