Photos From India!

Aug 2, 2013 | Students

A friend of Christa, Greg Higgins, was in Mumbai recently to accompany one of the girls from the Kilimanjaro Orphanage to the hospital there for heart surgery. We are happy to announce that the surgery was very successful, so much so that Greg and his wife Shannon had time to go visit with Aarti and Guddi at Aarti’s school. The girls at the school stayed late so they could greet Greg and Shannon, and they entertained their visitors with songs and dancing. Best of all, they got to meet Guddi, who is doing very well preparing for her entrance exam back into school. In Greg’s words:  “This organization epitomizes the idea of “grass roots” for me.  If everyone would try to do something like what is happening here, the world would quickly become a better place.” We are very happy they were able to connect, and look forward to meeting Aarti and Guddi in person. Please look on Guddi’s page for all the photos from the day.

Guddi and Aarti Aarti on the left, with our student Guddi – July, 2013 (click to enlarge)

We also received a little “cartita” from Angela in Mexico City. In it she apologizes for not “doing so well” this past year in school and only getting an 88%! Hmm, seems like we have a perfectionist here! We have assured her, as has our contact, that WE are very proud of an 88%! Our contact for Angela says that Angela’s grandmother, Theresa, is incredibly detailed about keeping track of every peso that needs to be spent for her education, and comes back to VIcki with receipts and to-the-centavo accounting. We are really glad to hear this, because the more the family is involved and takes this seriously, the more chances the student will have for success. Angela enters our equivalent of middle school next year, and she says she will miss her teachers and her friends from this year. We have no doubt that she will make many new friends in her new school and we wish her all the best!