Pictures from Uganda and GREAT News from India!

Jun 23, 2015 | Students

We received some wonderful pictures from Robert and Rose in Uganda. Here’s the news:

* Naume was sworn in at school as Sanitary Prefect

* We sent a box of donated school supplies to the school and they opened them in Rebecca’s class. The pictures are wonderful!

Please check out Naume’s and Rebecca’s pages for all the photos. And on June 15, Rebecca turned 8 years — Happy Birthday Rebecca!

And if you have any used school supplies that you don’t need anymore, let us know by contacting us on the website and we can make arrangements to have them sent to us. Miracle Destiny School and Miracle Destiny High School can certainly use anything we can send them. And thank you!

20150615_114755 copy The grand unveiling! (click to enlarge)

20150615_115401 copy Hooray for new school supplies! (click to enlarge)

NaumePrefect copy Naume as the new Sanitary Prefect flanked by her friends at school (click to enlarge)

Recent news from India couldn’t be better: we received a note from Aarti telling us that Guddi passed her exams to get back into 10th Standard! Aarti was worried because Guddi has had some very hard family issues lately and seemed to be less motivated than she needed to be, but she did it! We are so very proud of Guddi and her efforts. It has been a long time since she was in school and she worked very hard. Now she will be able to finally finish school and hopefully realize her dreams. Congratulations, Guddi!


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