Raquel Vallejo Martinez

Date of Birth: August 7, 2008

Year in School: First year of secondary school

Costs per Year: $250

Location: El Sauce, Nicaragua

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Raquel lives in El Sauce with her mother and several siblings. Her father died when she was young, and her mother takes care of them all on the pension that the state gives her, roughly $43 per month. It’s best to let our contact Ashley describe Raquel to you.

It is my pleasure to recommend Raquel Vallejo Martinez to receive a scholarship from ONE. I have known Raquel for five years, but during the past three years, I have gotten to know her on a personal level. I first met Raquel when she was selected as a Ciudad Hermana scholarship recipient, a program based in Rochester, NY that provides scholarships to elementary school students in the El Sauce area who demonstrate financial need and the motivation and interest to do well in school. (Note: this program only supports students through 6th grade, so when she graduated from 6th grade this December, she “lost” this scholarship since it does not continue supporting students in high school). For the past three years, Raquel has also participated in the program Amigos en Acción, a program that I run alongside El Sauce native Martha Rojas. Since this program runs daily throughout the school year, I have had the chance to truly get to know Raquel and to see the incredible young lady that she is becoming. Raquel is intrinsically motivated and loves learning, something that you can see as soon as you meet her. She is very careful with all of her schoolwork, which is apparent when you see her impeccable handwriting and the care she takes to present her work cleanly and thoroughly. I have had the opportunity to see her blossom during the past three years working with our program, both in her schoolwork and with learning English. Even though she tends to be quiet, she also actively participates, has developed strong self-confidence, and is a very independent learner – perhaps something that she has learned unconsciously as she is the oldest daughter in her family. She also has demonstrated incredible character in dealing with other students – she is able to get along with anyone, and I can count on her to be willing to work with anyone if we do partner or small group work. Her grades speak for themselves – her average this year was 89.6%, even with all of the disruption that the pandemic has caused in our world, especially for our children’s education!

Raquel is a humble young lady (sidenote: I have changed this word multiple times, since I can’t quite accept that the 7-year-old that I met so many years ago is now 12 years old and growing quickly into a lovely young lady). She comes from a very humble family that somehow survives on 1500 Córdobas (roughly $43) per month, yet you will never hear her or her family complain. Raquel has three siblings: an older brother, Mardon, who will be starting 4th year in secondary school; a younger sister, Karla Patricia, who is 10 and will be starting 5th grade this year; and a younger brother who is about 4 years old. The oldest three children lost their father when they were young, and they survive on the check that the mother receives for child support since their father is deceased: a mere 500 Córdoba’s per child per month. While their mother, Blanca, has another partner, he does not live consistently with them and doesn’t support them financially; occasionally, he will bring them supplies like rice or beans. In addition to this, Raquel’s mom is taking care of a 15-month-old boy, the son of a woman she met near their home and was helping out, but this woman disappeared one day and left her son for Blanca to care for with no word or explanation. Despite all of these obstacles and challenges, Blanca knows the value of education and insists that her children continue studying to better their lives; she even has made sure that Raquel’s older brother continues to study every day since she knows that the sabatino (Saturday) classes are much more difficult, and she wants her children to learn so that they can be somebody later in life and be able to support themselves. When I explained the opportunity of applying for this scholarship for Raquel, she broke down crying and expressed her deep appreciation for even having the chance to apply to receive this support. Every day is a struggle to make sure her children are able to eat, be clothed, and be cared for when they are sick, yet she has a positive outlook, incredible faith, and is sincerely appreciative for even the smallest help that she receives.

I can recommend Raquel with no doubts that she will continue to be a wonderful student ready to learn and grow, and that she will make the most of the opportunity to receive this scholarship if she is chosen as a new ONE scholarship recipient.

Thank you to all of you for the work you do to support the girls who already receive a scholarship, and I truly hope that Raquel will get to join the ONE family!

Well, with a recommendation like that, how could we possible say no? We are so excited to have Raquel join ONE, and we hope that we are able to help her make her dreams a reality. Welcome Raquel!



Raquel met with Karina in April for snacks and a chat about “how do I accomplish my goals in life?” Karina put together a whole lesson on this subject, and here is a synopsis of what they discussed, which we love!

How to achieve my goals in life?
We know that it is not easy to achieve the big goals in life, but this does not mean that we are going to discard them, we must start by proposing the small goals and strive to meet them, once this happens successfully we will feel motivated to continue working to achieve our goals. You know what? You can have it all! The key is to set yourself clear goals and work towards them.

Have more confidence in yourself: When you accomplish small goals, you will dare to try for bigger ones. In addition, it will be easier for you to face day-to-day challenges, such as resisting the bad influence of some of your acquaintances and other people.
Find good friends: Everyone likes to be with people who know what they want and strive to achieve their goals, and who rejoice in our achievements.
Be happier: Let’s face it: sitting around all day is not much fun. But when you set goals and meet them, life is so much more exciting. So why not start setting goals now?

1. Write down all the ones that come to mind. How many can you think of? Do you think you can target at least ten? Without much thought, just write them down!
2. Analyze them. Which ones do you like the most? Which ones would you have to try harder with? Which ones would make you feel happier if you did? Remember: if your goals really mean something to you, it will be easier for you to achieve them.
3. Order them. Number them in the order you would like to accomplish them.

Karina says Raquel is really sweet and very interested in these discussions. We’re really happy to hear this, and we think she is going to do well in high school with a mentor like Karina!


Raquel has been meeting with Karina regularly to discuss life, love, career, education, and all kind of other things. We have asked Karina to mentor her and Odalys, since secondary school is rife with distractions for beautiful young women, and we want them to have some other ideas of things that they can do, ways to think about their education, boys, etc. Karina is the perfect person to do this; she has continued on with her education despite many obstacles, didn’t find a boyfriend until college, and is very dedicated to her life and her goals. And she’s Nicaraguan, and not that much older than them, which is important. We can say all of this, but we are “old, white women,” so what could we possibly know about their lives?

Raquel is in her first year of secondary school, and we want her to start off on the right foot. We think a mentor like Karina is the best possibility for this. These meetings are not required, but we have made it clear to Raquel hat we would really like it if she could join Karina for these discussions and field trips. So far she is meeting with Karina every time there is a possibility, which makes us very happy.

On their trip to Leon, Karina took them to the cathedral, the Ruben Dario Museum (Dario was a Nicaraguan poet who had a huge influence on Spanish literature and journalism of the 20th century), the booksellers at the park, and to a movie. She wanted them to have an idea of some of the culture and history of their country, and to learn more about their own surroundings. We are really excited they all did this field trip, and we hope there will be more in the coming year.