Sad News/HappyNews

Mar 30, 2013 | Students

We are learning that in this work there are always trade offs between the sad and the happy. Once recent piece of very sad news came to us from Subash, our contact in Nepal. The little girl, Swostika, who was abandoned by her father in the town, and who has been living with Subash and his family, has to be sent to an orphan’s home. Subash and his family could possibly have adopted her, but that is a very big decision, and Subash already has one child, and does not make a lot of money as a teacher in the school. We certainly understand why he could not choose to adopt her, but we are sad that she will not stay in her school with Subash and Bharosha. She will attend another school while living at the orphanage, and so she will at least be able to continue with her education, although ONE will not have part in it. We will hope that her life with the other children is a happy one, and that she achieves her dream of becoming a teacher.

Subash is sending us applications for two sisters from the same town and school, who desperately need help to continue in school, so it seems that for every door that closes…  We’ll keep you up to date.

And now for some happy news. Guddi has been studying with Aarti in Mumbai, and we received this piece of news from Aarti in a recent letter. Guddi says her mother and older brother are very supportive of her studies, and are helping her study at home. Guddi told Aarti this: initially a neighbor woman was commenting negatively about her studying, saying “You should be getting married, why are you continuing your education?” When the same woman asked the same question again, Guddi told her “Education is my dream, and this is my personal goal, so please do not intervene in my personal matters.” Yay, Guddi—you go, girl!

And a final piece of very happy news. We heard from Robert and Rose in Uganda that Naume and Rebecca are thriving. Rebecca is at the top of her class, and Naume is doing really well in her exams. They are so happy to be in school, and we received this wonderful picture of them. We just love how their personalities just sparkle through the photo. They are so beautiful, it just makes our hearts sing!