Spring News

May 1, 2013 | Students

We’ve been receiving lots of news from our contacts around the world. Naume and Rebecca received their final grade reports for the year, and they are both doing very well. Naume is ranked 8th out of 27 students, which is wonderful. Check out their pages for class photos and some recent images from a sporting event held at their school. Camila in Honduras just received her final report card: all Es and 100s (again!). Congratulations, Camila! We are so very proud of you, and it seems that you are thriving and happy at your new school.

Aarti wrote us from India with news about Guddi, who is working hard and getting better with her reading and writing and her English every day. We hope some day soon she’ll be able to write us a little note in English. Please check out her page for information about her, and translations of the statements she originally made to us in Hindi. She also took all her girls to a field trip at the local McDonalds before the end of the school year, a visit none of them had ever made before. Judging by the photos we received, a grand time was had by all!

At the last entry, we informed everyone that Swostika in Nepal had to move to an orphans’ home and she could no longer be a part of our program. This was very sad news to us, and our contact Subash assured us he would check in on her from time to time and let us know how she is doing. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens. In her place, we have awarded a scholarship to young Roshani Tamang, whose family makes very little money and cannot support either her or her younger sister Bunu in school. We hope one day soon to be able to support Bunu as well, but for now we hope that Roshani provides an inspiration to her little sister and that she enjoys school.

We got some wonderful new photos of Klaudina in Honduras, in her school uniform and mugging for the camera with her mother, Isabel. Please check these out on her individual page; they’re great!

Mireya in Peru is doing well. We received a wonderful photo of her from our friend John here in Flagstaff. We think she’s gorgeous (and smart as well!).

GuddiMcDonalds2 copy Aarti Naik, laughing with her girls at the McDonalds in Mumbai, India (click to enlarge)

MireyaApril 2013 copy Lovely Mireya in a typical confident and happy pose (click to enlarge).

RoshaniMainPage Roshani Tamang, from Nepal (click to enlarge)