Sumira Hamal

Date of Birth: April 9, 2013

Year in School: Grade 6

Costs per Year: $900

Location: Dhulikhel, Nepal


Sumira Hamal was introduced to use through Subash, our contact in Nepal. He has been such an extraordinary help with our students there, and we were very excited when he mentioned that there is another young lady who needs help with school. In Subash’s words:

Sumira Hamal is 10 years old and she studies in grade 4. There are three members in her family. Her father went to foreign employment in Malaysia a few years ago. During his foreign employment, he got into an accident in which he seriously injured his hand. Because of that injury, he was not fit for his work which is why he was sent back to Nepal. Since he returned, he is not able to work. Sumira’s mother used to work in a hotel cleaning, but due to Covid, she was forced to leave her work as well. She has been jobless for one and a half years. She is still looking for a job but because of her qualifications she can’t find any work. There is a problem for them to manage their basic living needs as well. They have a small piece of land where they plant a few vegetables, but that is not sufficient for them. Sumira is a very decent girl, and good at her studies. She is a good speaker among the students from her class and she is an active girl.

Sumira wrote us a very sweet letter for her application – very impressive for 10 years old! We’re excited to welcome Sumira to the ONE family, and we can’t wait to get to know her better!


May 2024

Sumira has passed on to 6th grade and has already started her classes. Subash writes to us, “Sumira is now in grade 6. She passed her grade 5 with good marks. She is also showing her best performance in her studies and in sports events as well. She won the gold medal in the Inter-school girls’ relay race from the junior block. She is a very active, smart, and energetic kid.”

Her letter to us definitely shows that!

November 2023

Sumira is halfway through 5th grade and doing really well. She loves dancing and playing sports, and she’s really proud of her hard work in school. So are we!


July 2023

Sumira is thriving in school, as her recent letter to us shows. Our friend Jon from Tasmania was able to visit the students at the school, meet Subash, and get a sense of what the school is like. He tells us that all the students love studying there, and that they love Subash and all their friends. We’re so glad!

November 2022

We heard from Subash that Sumira is doing well. He tells us that she is a very sweet girl. He tells us that “one thing she is very good at is her skill of explaining things, it is amazing. I just love the way she explains things very clean and clear.” That is a very useful skill to have; perhaps Sumira will become a teacher and inspire other girls with her explanations.