Update on Nicaragua

Jul 16, 2018 | Students

We’ve been able to learn a bit more about the situation in El Sauce, Nicaragua from our contact Ashley, who lives there. She’s the only “gringa” left in town (since all the other volunteers and students left when the violence elsewhere began), but the situation is far less dire than some initial reports led us to believe, which is wonderful to hear. Here’s some of what she has to say about how El Sauce is doing.

Despite the difficult situation that Nicaragua is currently experiencing, El Sauce has thankfully remained safe and calm. There have not been any tranques (barriers) in El Sauce or any of its entrances/exits to other towns. The pulperias and pharmacies along with other businesses have remained open. At times their supplies have been diminished due to tranques in other cities that have made it difficult for the distributors to be able to get supplies here. The same goes for the supermarket, which was just opened in March. People have continued to shop as normal, and many have stocked up on essentials. Students have continued to go to school as normal. They are currently on their mid-semester break and will return to class on Monday, July 16. We are very lucky here in El Sauce that things have remained peaceful, and we all hope it remains that way and that the situation improves soon and that we can have the Nicaragua back that all of us love.

We hope so too.