Videos from Nepal!

Aug 4, 2020 | Students

Our girls in Nepal are all studying online, and they sent us three wonderful videos to say hello! The magic of WhatsApp and modern smart phones means we can stay in touch a little easier, and even get to know them a little bit, even from thousands of miles away. It is so lovely to see them smiling and laughing—so much better than still pictures!

A few weeks ago, Christa sent each girl a video to say hi and let them know not to worry, that we understand how hard it is to study online. She even introduced her cat, Oliver, to them. We received their responses and we want to share them here with you. We hope you’ll enjoy them!

Roshani_August2020 from One New Education on Vimeo.

Amrita_August2020 from One New Education on Vimeo.

Bharosha_August2020 from One New Education on Vimeo.

We hope you are staying healthy and safe during these strange days, and we are so grateful for your continued support of our amazing students!