Wonderful News From Tanzania! (and Annual Report)

Jan 6, 2019 | Organization, Students

Happy New Year, everyone! We received a wonderful New Year’s present: news about all the girls in Tanzania. And it’s such happy news!

The National Exam results just came out.  Greg and Shannon got news from the Jenis and Winnie about their scores, and all of them did much better than on their practice exams. Winnie made Division 1, which is the highest division. They received news that Jenipher Anselm had the highest scores of all of the students and even got an A in Mathematics – an unheard of feat!  So she’s in Division 1 as well.  Jenipher Joseph scored in the second tier at Division 2 which is really terrific.  That places her in the top 10 percent which is a great accomplishment for her, since she struggles with some of the schoolwork.

This means that all three girls will go on to Form 3, which is never a guarantee in Tanzania. If you don’t score well on your national exams after Form 2, that can mean the end of school for you. So we are so proud and happy for all of them!

This year, Husna will graduate from Form 6, which is actually a little beyond what we would call high school. It’s more like junior college. But since she wants to go to medical school, we are treating her education all the way through Form 6 like high school, since it is necessary for her future.

Please go to the girls’ pages to see a few new photos of them. They are all grown up and gorgeous, and it’s hard to reconcile these beautiful young women with the little girls that joined the foundation almost 8 years ago!

Also, we have attached our 2018 Annual Report for your information. You’ll read about some changes with our girls. Fatima and Maria are no longer receiving scholarships, and Melba is on something of a probationary period. In addition, we may be accepting Angela in Mexico City again, but we will wait and see. We had our best fundraising year ever—thank you to everyone who donated throughout the year! You have made it possible to put 26 girls in school, and to help our graduates continue on in the university or a vocational school. We are so excited to see where all these girls go and we are so grateful that you are along on this journey with us!

[flat_button text=”2018 Annual Report” title=”2018 Annual Report” url=”https://oneneweducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2018-Annual-Report.pdf” padding=”15px 70px” bg_color=”#99cc33″ border_color=”#99cc33″ border_width=”2px” text_color=”#fafafa” text_size=”18px” align=”center” target=”_blank”]