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Our Work and the Importance of Educating Women

We founded One New Education in 2011 to provide educational opportunities for young women in need in developing countries.

Political unrest, economic instability, environmental degradation and any number of other stressors mean that many families live with next to nothing and often don’t have the money to pay for the required necessities for school. Children attend when they can, which is sporadically at best. While public school in some of these countries is free, one must still have a uniform and shoes to be able to go, along with the necessary supplies. Even the few dollars that it takes to buy these supplies is often too much for many of these families.

The women in these countries often have children when they are as young as 14 or 15 and, by the time they are 20, they have several children and no way to support them, much less provide for an education. One New Education believes that one of the critical ingredients to end this cycle is education.

Much research has been done on the importance of educating women in these countries. More educated women translates into lower population growth, and infant and child mortality, and an improvement in family health.

When more girls are enrolled in secondary school, there are more women participating in the labor force and they are able to contribute more to household and national income.

Educated women are more politically active and better informed about their legal rights and how to exercise them. There is also an important link between the number of educated women in a society, and less violence and extremism. The importance of educating women in ending the cycle of violence and poverty in these countries cannot be overstated.

More information about the benefits of educating women in developing nations can be found at the following links. These are only a few of the myriad resources out there.


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Educating Girls Matters

These videos offer simple and moving statistics on educating women in the developing world.

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Board of Directors

ONE’s Board of Directors is composed of six women, with backgrounds in education, art, business, community development, and finance. All are passionate about education, especially for girls and women.


There are many organizations involved in educating and empowering women around the world.


ONE has a lovely brochure with information and photos to hand out to interested folks. If you would like some to put out at an event or to give to friends or family, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a stack. Or you can print out the brochure from the PDFs here. You’ll need to print it double-sided.

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