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Commonly Asked Questions

Why do you only help women?

We would love to be able to help every child in the world receive an education. There is a need for educated boys as well as girls!

But in many countries, boys have the opportunity for an education, or a better education, than girls do. They are considered “more important,” because they can earn money. Girls are expected to have babies.

An example is India, where many families save and scrape to send their sons to the good, English-speaking schools, while the girls are left to attend the lower quality, state-run, Hindi-speaking schools.

We want to help educate girls so they can take care of themselves and their families—and teach their sons to be better men.

Why doesn’t ONE work in the United States? People here need help as well.

There is no doubt that many children here need help, and we’d love to be able to provide scholarships for children all over this country. But things cost so much here that the amount to buy clothing and supplies, and send a girl to school in this country could pay for several students in another country. So it is easier to help more students if we work internationally.

Moreover, despite the weakening of our social safety net over the past decades, some help is often still available for families through governmental agencies and NGOs. The people we help receive no aid because there is no aid available.

We believe that helping these students will create a better world for all, including the United States.

What are the “rules” to receive a scholarship?

We don’t have too many rules and requirements for our students, but there are a few.

Obviously, she can’t drop out of school and keep her scholarship! Assuming she stays in school, the most important rule we have is that she cannot get pregnant.

She must make an effort in school, and not fail more than one class at the end of the year unless there are extenuating circumstances.

She has to write letters to us twice a year answering questions we give her, and provide receipts to her contact for any purchases she makes with money the contact gives her.

And neither she nor her family can ask for more money than she receives, or for any purpose other than her education.